Can all types of vinegar be used for sushi?

Not all types of vinegar are suitable for sushi.

There are many different kinds of vinegar in Denmark. There are some vinegar made in Denmark, others in Thailand, China or Japan.

It is always best to use Japanese vinegar for sushi and there are several reasons for that.

Japanese vinegar is made of rice grains. Since the Japanese vinegar is made on rice, the sour / sweet vinegar flavor suits the sushi rice.
If the vinegar were made on, for example apple the rice vinegar would have a completely different taste.

Rice vinegar is also used to preserve sushi rice so it can be kept at room temperature. Beside that, vinegar is also used as a kind of spice.

The aromas and fine flavors found in Japanese rice vinegar help to give the sushi rice the unique taste that characterizes Japanese sushi rice.

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