Sushi course deluxe

“Exciting, educational – and just enormously cozy with good friends. Over a glass of cold wine we made lots of while Zoë instructed, gave good advice and shared her huge knowledge about Japanese sushi. We got many good tips – on everything from knives to where to buy the best fish. I can definitely recommend”.
Christina Lagoni, KPMG Denmark

“Thanks for a really good event 20 April 2013.
I think the concept was super good and the level was appropriate so that everyone could join in and possibly intermediate also learned something new.
It was a really nice and pleasant afternoon were we made sushi which tasted great.
One of my guests have already tried with your recipe and tips for cooking rice and reported that she was very enthusiastic about the result. So I look forward to soon to try”.
Rikke Reumert Schaltz, Environment ministry

“We all 9 had a super evening as part of a bachelor party. All learned a little about the sushi art, the raw materials used for sushi, techniques of preparation of sushi and also some general about the Japanese culture. There was ample with delicious sushi and all were very well fed and got even also leftovers home for the day after”.
Melissa Voigt Hansen, Herlev Hospital & Copenhagen University

“Zoë Escher helped us with a sushi course for 13 people to a bachelor party. It was a really nice experience!
Zoë had control of things, and was full of great tips and recipes for everyone, both for novices and those who had tried making sushi before. The style was fresh, competent, informative and entertaining, and when we were finished, we had sushi enough for an army – there was no one who went home hungry”.
Stephanie Munck, Code Slinger

Sushi course for beginners

“Dear Zoë

My wife and I attendee sushi course for beginners 3 April 2016 and we had a really nice afternoon. We are now wiser and braver in relation to start making own maki rolls.
Today we introduced the art of making rolls to our children and had made too much sushi which we all enjoyed afterwards. It was a fantastic pleasant activity for the whole family and certainly not the last time we do it.

Thank you for a lovely course”
Thomas Schou Roer

“It was just a great course, you were doing and what we got home tasted good.
On Saturday we had guests and made sushi as a starter – with great success, not least because we made roll while guests looked at.

Yesterday afternoon came our son unannounced visit with our daughter and two grandchildren, Oliver 14 and Mille 12 years old. Mille started out as usual to inspect the fridge and discovered our leftovers of fresh tuna and salmon. It was of course to Mille volunteered as a student and demanded immediate instruction. It turned out really good. ”
Stig Lage

“Zoë Escher gave at the course a simple and understandable introduction to the making sushi so you could easily go home and experiment further with it. Using simple tips and technique, it was a breeze to prepare delicious sushi. The atmosphere was relaxed and it was adequate for two hours to get taught the basics. In addition, it was nice that we were not more than 7-8 pieces on the course – it made that there was more time for questions and to the individual could help. All in all a pleasant and rewarding afternoon”.
Sacha Andersen & Vidar Thorlaksson

“If you have tried to engage in making sushi, I highly recommend Zoë’s Sushi course for beginners. Here I received the best tricks just to make the homemade sushi and good information about the raw materials – which ones are the best and where you have to buy them”.
Christel Ejlersen, Graphical designer

Nigiri sushi for beginners

“I had a really good experience with Zoë Escher advanced sushi course. Zoë leads you through an easy and educational way and take the time to show the small tweaks to get sushi to look good. You can really tell that she is passionate about her profession and teaching. If there was another course I will certainly go again”.
Kasper Kristiansen

“I had a wonderful and educational day at Advanced Sushi course we learned some good tips how to make nigiri and learned the proper cutting techniques to fish (I have missed).
Zoë is a comfortable, happy and well-prepared teacher. I’ll be back for another course”.
Anette Gomez

Vegetarian sushi for beginners

“Thank you for a really lovely experience! The perfect blend of learning in theory and practice, socializing and conversation. 4 women have gone home with the courage to make their own sushi at a high level without seeming insurmountable. Vegetarian sushi is at least as satisfactory as in fish and may be varied in many ways”.
Laura Laustsen

Traditional Japanese dishes for beginners

“Dear Zoë
Thank you for a wonderful and instructive course today! I’ve already eaten our prepared meal with great pleasure.
I want to sign up my son (Japanese speaking and kendo player) my husband (sushi chef with us because. Immense patience) and me Lise (sushi lover and now very interested in Japan due my son’s Japanese girlfriend!) To your course 17 January of sushi for beginners “.
Lise Hartfelt

“Sunday 8 March my daughters and I attended your course Traditional everyday dishes. It was a gift to me from them on the occasion of a recent birthday. One day I had been looking forward to.

We were supplied with knowledge of what makes the Japanese food as healthy ingredients and techniques in preparation, while we produced three lovely dishes. There was time to ask questions, time to taste along the way and time to socialize and listen to your experience of returning to the Japanese culture.

The course was prepared and course so we despite difference in dexterity could help when having to chop finely fine and folded thin dough teasing.

Our packed plastic tubs were filled up well with the tasty delights we had made and well home we could come up with three courses for ourselves and two adults more. All were well fed and had filled both stomachs and taste buds well up.
My desire to do more of this kind of food is aroused”.
Merete Dyhr

“Dear Zoe
Thanks for a super and very inspiring course at the Peder Lykke school last Sunday. It was the most wonderful food that we have enjoyed. See you again”.
Marianne Pontoppidan

Japanese noodle soup for beginners

“The course provides an understanding of the Japanese noodle soup, Japanese food art – and the Japanese’s relationship with food and raw materials overall. Zoë mixes this knowledge with her personal view of/experience of Japanese food – and informs one of how it relates to Danish/European food.

The class is very intimate, allowing room for discussion between the attendances, but also a quiet dialogue between the attendances and Zoë. Zoë listens attentively to the questions you may have and answers them with affection. She makes you feel welcome and is very aware that all participants have tasted, seen or tried it all on the course.

All this means that you come home with a huge desire to explore Copenhagen’s Asian business and start making your own Japanese noodle soup”. Nynne Søndergaard Jung

Exclusive pop-up sushi dinners

“Thank you for a wonderful sushi dinner, which in every way piqued and pleased the taste buds.
It was really exciting to watch you cook and then taste the many interesting variations of sushi that you served for us.
The dinner was different and so much more than you normally experience at a good time sushi – from the miso soup where a naughty little secret was hidden, sashimi surprise, to the delicious cake that lay soft and inviting on the tongue. All the way through there was a bright red thread in what you wanted us to experience.
It was a complete dinner from start to finish and a cozy and exclusive experience, from end to end. We look forward to what is next to delight our palates with . Katrine Lønnegaard

“We have never tasted Japanese food that was this good everything from soup to sashimi and sushi and cake were fantastic. You’re a brilliant cook and everything tasted great. Talking to you while we ate was amazing”. Kjartan Vidarsson