In this ebook, we dive into the fascinating world of Japanese daifuku mochi a delicate Japanese sweet treat that has won hearts around the world with its irresistible taste and unique texture. Daifuku mochi is not only a delicious food, but it is also part of the rich Japanese culture and tradition.

In this ebook you will find five exciting recipes that combine the best of both worlds, the soft, chewy texture of daifuku mochi and the sweet, nutty flavor of marzipan. These recipes will allow you to create your own delicious daifuku mochi varieties at home.

Whether you are already a daifuku mochi enthusiast or just curious to discover this delicacy for the first time, this ebook will give you a deeper understanding of what makes daifuku mochi so special and how you can create it yourself.

So let us begin our journey into the world of Japanese daifuku mochi and discover the hidden treasures of this taste experience!

All recipes are made for 1 person.

About the author

Zoë Escher is a Japanese trained sushi chef with 16 years of experience as a chef.
She has taught more than 3200 people the art of Japanese food and made private dining.

In Denmark she is considered to be the most experienced Sushi Chef.
In 2013 she was guest judge on Masterchef, Denmark.
She has also made sushi Japanese cuisine dishes as staff food for the three-star Michelin restaurant Geranium.


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