In the ebook: 5 Japanese Yakitori Skewers For One, you will find 5 recipes for tasty barbecue skewers, as they are prepared in Japan.

The ebook is the perfect guide to learn how to make authentic Japanese Yakitori skewers in a simple and practical way.

The ebook contains delicious recipes for Yakitori skewers, which are a popular and tasty dish in Japanese cuisine.
The 5 different yakitori contain chicken skin, chicken and spring onion, Imperial cap mushroom, asparagus and bacon, pork and ginger.

Ebook: 5 Japanese Yakitori Skewers for One, guides you through the recipes step-by-step. It shows you how to prepare the meat and marinate it so that it gets the authentic taste of Japan.

Whether you are an experienced chef or a novice in the kitchen, ebook is a tasty guide that will help you make delicious and authentic Yakitori skewers in no time.

All recipes in the ebook is made for one person.

About the author

Zoë Escher is a Japanese trained sushi chef with 16 years of experience as a chef.
She has taught more than 3200 people the art of Japanese food and made private dining.

In Denmark she is considered to be the most experienced Sushi Chef.
In 2013 she was guest judge on Masterchef, Denmark.
She has also made sushi Japanese cuisine dishes as staff food for the three-star Michelin restaurant Geranium.


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