In this ebook: 5 Japanese Okonomiyaki For One, you will find 5 recipes for tasty okonomiyaki, as they are made by chefs in Tokyo.

This book is dedicated to the delicious and popular dish, okonomiyaki, which is a type of Japanese pancake filled with different ingredients and raw materials.

In ebook: 5 Japanese Okonomiyaki For One, you will discover five different recipes for okonomiyaki each with its own unique taste. From traditional flavors to unique interpretations, you will be presented with a selection of exciting and tasty options.

The 5 different okonomiyaki contain parma ham, scallops, bacon, large shrimps, naturel.

The book guides you step by step through the recipes and gives you detailed instructions so everyone can follow along.
You will learn about the most important ingredients, raw materials, sauces and toppings used in the dish, as well as which tools are needed to achieve the best result.

Explore the wonderful world of Japanese cuisine with the mini ebook: 5 Japanese Okonomiyaki For One, and bring the exquisite taste of Japan into your own kitchen.

All recipes in the ebook is made for one person.

About the author

Zoë Escher was trained as a Japanese sushi chef in 2006.
She has taught more than 3,200 people Japanese gastronomy and prepared exclusive private dinners.

She is considered to be the most experienced Sushi Chef in Denmark.
In 2013, she participated as a guest judge in Masterchef, Denmark.
She has made Japanese sushi and Japanese dishes as staff food for the three-star Michelin restaurant Geranium.


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