"In Japan your education never ends. In 2012 I was introduced to a nigiri hand technique that takes 20 years to master I think that is fascinating" - Zoë Escher

Zoë Escher is a passionate Japanese trained sushi chef & Sake Sommelier who loves authentic Japanese food and European food. Zoë has created various cooking classes which take the attendees on a gastronomic journey in authentic Japanese cuisine and Europan cuisine.

Zoë is also a regular writer on the Danish women's site Kvindetid where she shares her knowledge and experience.

In Denmark Zoë is a recognized sushi chef.

January 2019: Zoë was the judge for the daily newspaper Politiken in connection with testing food for their readers.
2016: Zoë held the official opening speech and opened the fair Formland Spring 2016 in Messecenter Herning in Denmark. At the opening of the fair there were 49 people from the press, 20 VIP and 271 exhibitors.
2015: Zoë has made sushi and Japanese dishes as private dining at home of US ambassador in Denmark Rufus Gifford.
2013: Rated as Denmark's sushi expert no. 1 by gourmet supermarket chain Irma. Zoë was also guest judget at Masterchef Denmark season 3. Zoë has made sushi and Japanese dishes as staff food to the 3 star Michelin restaurant Geranium.

Zoë is known from Danish magazines and TV such as Copenhagen Food, ALT for Damerne, Berlingske, Femina, IN, Mad & Bolig, TV3 and the consumer council magazine “THINK”.

Cooking class: Japanese noodle soup for beginners

The cooking class Japanese noodle soup for beginners is for people who would like to learn how to make the Japanese noodle soup such as ramen soup. You learn how to make healthy and tasty noodle soups which is very popular on a busy day. You larn how to make Japanese stock by using traditional Japanese raw materials. You learn how to know the difference between different kind of noodle used in noodle soup. ...

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More Japanese sushi in Los Angeles

More Japanese sushi in Los Angeles Yes, another evening of great Japanese sushi in Los Angeles. Japanese sushi is very simple in its expression but the individual sushi pieces just melt on the tongue. Last night there were several Japanese sushi chefs inside and outside the sushi bar. I get the most out of talking about sushi with Japanese trained sushi chefs. This Friday night I will be back in the sushi b ...

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