Can all types of fish be used for sushi?

Basically all types of fish can be used for sushi.

However not all types of fish are suitable for being used for sushi. There are many types of fish which do have a high enough quality for sushi. For fish to approved for sushi the fish has to meet specific requirements. Fish used for sushi have the finest quality and the reason that is that fish is eaten raw.

Most people know that the tuna is a threatened fish species.
It is partly true. The tuna used for sushi is threatened. There is plenty of tuna in the sea which just cannot be used for sushi because the quality is not high enough.

It is the fishmongers who know if the fish is suitable for sushi. This is because they know where they bought the fish.

On the Sushi course for beginners you learn more about the fish used for sushi.

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