What is Japan’s preferred fast food?

The Japanese prefer the fast food dish ramen soup. There are several reasons for that.

It is a dish that is suitable for a busy everyday life. The Japanese live a life as busy as so many others consisting of work, family and various activities.

Ramen soup is a healthy and low fat dish. In Tokyo it is often made of fish stock.
It is a very popular dish in Tokyo which takes a noodle bar less than 5 minutes to cook.
It is a dish that most Japanese eat in less than 10 minutes with chopsticks.
Ramen soup is a dish that is made in many different versions from noodle bar to noodle bar. Yes, every noodle bar has their very own version.

On the Noodle Soup course for beginners you will learn how to make ramen soup as it is served in Tokyo.

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