Is there a difference between the noodles used in Japanese soup?

Noodle soup
There is a big difference in the type of noodles used in Japanese noodle soups.
Most people have heard of ramen soup, where one type of noodles is used. They are long, thin, and yellow and look like spaghetti, however, the texture and taste is different.

Ramen soup is not the only soup that the Japanese eat all year round.
In Japan, several different types of noodle soups are eaten, some at certain times of the year.
Overall, it is the noodle soup’s foundation, vegetables and meat/fish that determine which type of noodles are used.

In some soups, noodles are used that are neutral in flavor like udon; it is the soup itself that has a lot of taste and aromas. In other soups, noodles that have a little taste like ramen are used because it adds an extra dimension of flavor to the noodle soup.

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