When is pink sea bream eaten in Japan?

Sushi chef & sake sommerlier Zoë Escher
In Japan, pink sea bream or Sakura-Dai is a seasonal fish that is often eaten in the spring.

It is especially popular when the cherry trees are in bloom, which usually happens in late March to April, depending on the region.
This is a time when Japanese restaurants and homes often serve Sakura-Dai, a delicacy that perfectly matches the festive mood and beauty of the cherry blossoms. So if you want to taste this delicate fish, spring is the best time of the year to do it.

The fish’s pink color and mild taste make it suitable for a wide range of dishes.
Sakura-Dai is often used for sushi and sashimi, where its delicate flavor and fine texture can be fully enjoyed. It can also be grilled, steamed or fried, and served as a main course with rice and vegetables.

Sometimes it is also prepared in a clear soup or included in various stews. No matter how it is prepared, Sakura-Dai adds a subtle flavor and a nice color to any meal.

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