When does the asparagus season start in Europe?

Asparagus is a vegetable that thrives in Europe.

In May the asparagus season starts, the green market abounds with several different types of asparagus.

The classic green asparagus which is full of flavors and aromas.

The white thick asparagus which has a more delicate and gentle asparagus taste. In Europe the white asparagus is more in demand than the green asparagus.

In selected supermarkets and at market markets you can also get purple asparagus. The purple asparagus is more sweet and nutty in taste.

In Denmark you can get asparagus in different qualities and budget.
The biodynamic asparagus of the best quality can often be found in market markets. More and more farm owners have opened their eyes to having a stand in major cities on the weekends and during the busiest periods.
Stall sells fruit and vegetables that are harvested the same day they are sold.

The asparagus season is short. It starts in the month of May and ends late June.

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