In what way does Japanese cuisine differ from the rest of the world?

Okinawa Miso Soup - Super Food
Japanese cuisine is quite unique in several different ways.
It is almost tailored to those who are interested in health and what is good for the body without compromising on taste. Japanese cuisine is put together in such a way that it either detoxifies or nourishes the body.

Yep, that is true. The Japanese are very conscious about what they eat. This is one of the main reasons why the Japanese are the people in the world who live the longest.

Going all-in and eating like the Japanese is hard.
The Japanese have a completely different view of diet and, their diet pyramid looks very different. A classic Japanese meal often consists of 10-12 small dishes. Dishes that contain fish, meat, vegetables and soybeans prepared in several different ways.

The Japanese are good at boosting health in small ways. Here I also think about what they drink during the day.

Miso or fermented soybeans are a regular part of Japanese cuisine. It is a raw material that is not to be missed. It is super food that in the right contexts boosts health. I know that most people live a busy life, but at the same time have a desire to live a healthy life.

For them, I have put together a 14-day course where you boost your health with healthy and nutritious soups. It is a process that matches a busy everyday life.

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