What is Japanese chef’s view of the raw materials used in Japanese cuisine?

The Japanese have a different approach to life than the rest of the world. The Japanese population has grown up with the fact that everything the universe has created has a soul and that we are all connected.

This view of life affects the Japanese chef’s view of the raw materials used in Japanese cuisine. All life that the universe has created is unique and has something to offer. This means that Japanese cuisine is very large and varied, as the Japanese are not limited.

Since 2004 I have traveled to Japan almost every year.
Here 2 years ago I found out that over the years I have eaten raw jellyfish without knowing it. Now the jellyfish is not served as a big undefined lump on the plate. It will of course be prepared so it is a delicious dish you get served.
In my case it was served as a Starter and it looked the most noodles but the consistency was another. It did not taste so much but was completely crispy to chew in.

So why eat jellyfish?

Jellyfish contains many proteins and has a very low fat content.

This unique way of transforming raw materials that many wanted to bite into a delicious dinner obviously brings attention to Michelin chefs around the world.

NOTE: Of course jellyfish will not be served on my cooking courses.

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