Have you tried Japanese barbecue?

Japanese barbecue also called Yakiniku it is a popular dish in Japan which is enjoyed year round. In Japan there are many restaurants that only have barbecue on the menu.

Japanese barbecue is very different from what we use to in Europe. The guest will order different kinds of meat and vegetables that are placed on the table. In the middle of the table is a barbecue grill where you cook the different kinds of meats, seafood and vegetables. You eat the prepared food by dipping the individual pieces into different sauce. With the food you will typically be served a miso soup and a small bowl of rice.

Below are photos from an authentic Japanese Yakiniku restaurant in Los Angeles.

In the photo kobe style short rib “kalbi”, as exclusive Japanese meat.

The picture shows Pork toro, which is a piece of exclusive meat on the pig.

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