Can all types of soy sauce be used for sushi?

IngrediensWhat few people are aware of is how important the choice of soy sauce has on the entire sushi experience.
Soya sauce is approximately 40% of the experience therefore it is very important that you serve the right soy sauce your sushi.

Sushi is a fine and delicate eating it is important to select a soy sauce that is not too strong in flavor or contain too much salt.
If you use a soy sauce that is too strong in flavor it will create an imbalance and you miss the finer nuances. If you use a soy sauce with too much salt the salty taste will cover the whole experience.
There is only one soy sauce suitable for sushi which you cannot buy it in supermarkets but only in special stores. At sushi course for beginners I talk more about where to buy the soy sauce.

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