What is the purpose of sushi vinegar?

Sushi vinegar is used to season and preserve the cooked sushi rice.

Sushi vinegar has a perfect balance between sour, sweet and salty.
Since salt and pepper are not used when eating sushi. Sushi vinegar helps to season the individual pieces of sushi without influencing the taste experience.

Sushi vinegar acts as a binding agent. It makes the sushi rice stick together better, which makes a big difference when it comes to sushi rolls and nigiri. If sushi vinegar is not used, the individual pieces of sushi would fall apart when you either lift a piece with chopsticks or dip the piece in soy sauce.

Vinegar itself has been used as a preservative for several centuries.
As soon as sushi vinegar is poured on the sushi rice, the rice is preserved. It is also a way to stop the development of bacteria and extends the quality of the rice.

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