What is Japanese chefs view of food waste?

Japanese chefs have a different view of raw materials.

Basically, nothing is thrown out. Everything, according to Japanese chefs can be tasty snacks or dishes by using different Japanese cooking techniques.

Some years ago I visited the exclusive Sushi Restaurant, named Kyubey, located in Ginza in Tokyo. I ordered a sushi menu consisting of a miso soup, a small starter, the chef’s selection of nigiri and a cup of green tea for dessert.

During the dinner I was served a large living shrimp that was made for the most delicious nigiri. Yes, the sushi chef broke the head of the shrimp, removed the intestine and made it to nigiri.
The tail itself and the head were not thrown out. It was cooked in the kitchen and a little later I was served the tail like a delicious and crunchy chip.

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