Do the Japanese eat spinach?

Yes, the Japanese eat spinach. They eat many different vegetables in one day.
The Japanese eat several different vegetables every single day. They diet pyramid is very varied and healthy.

In Japan, there are 3 different kinds of spinach plants. They each have their very own unique taste and, they are used differently depending on the type of the dish in question.

Horenso spinach is very similar to the classic European spinach. It is healthy and full of different vitamins.

Komatsuna spinach is mustard spinach. Of course, it is also healthy and full of vitamins. Of course it tastes like mustard and, it is used in salads or in soups and stews.

Mizuna is a spinach that has a more peppery taste. It is also healthy with many vitamins. The peppery taste makes it suitable for soups and strong stews.

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