The reason why you should learn to make Japanese ramen soup

Unless you have stayed in Japan very the few are aware of how much fish the Japanese eat.

In Japan, fish is the main source of protein from the animal world. It is a commodity that the Japanese eat in very large quantities. The Japanese love sushi but sushi accounts for less than 15% of Japanese cuisine.

The Japanese love fish prepared in many different ways.
Not only are fish pieces eaten in large amounts. In Japan, many delicious dishes are prepared on a fish stock it is a fish stock that has also found its way to the classic Japanese dish ramen noodles. It is healthy and nutritious without having to taste too much of fish.

On the course “Japanese noodle soup course for beginners“, the attendants learn step by step to make 2 very different and tasty authentic Japanese noodle soups.

Zoë has held sushi courses and cooking classes for A. P. Moller – Maersk, Hugo Boss Nordic, Novo Nordisk, Novartis, Velux, Gorrissen Federspiel, Beierholm revision, Elbek & Vejrup and many more.