The last course of the year in Traditional Japanese food will be held on 24 September – are you going?

Japanese superfood
Japanese food culture is known worldwide for its finesse, unique flavor combinations and its deep roots in the country’s culture and history.
Attending Traditional Japanese Cooking Course for Beginners can be a real eye-opener and here are some of the countless benefits one can reap from attending such a course.

Authentic insight into Japanese culture
Japanese food is much more than just the dishes we eat. The way the dishes are prepared and served tells a story about Japanese culture, traditions and aesthetics. Through the course, you will be able to understand the cultural nuances and values ​​behind each and every dish.

Learn to cook healthy dishes
Japanese cuisine is known for its health benefits. Raw materials such as fish, seaweed, vegetables and fermented foods play a big role. Through a course, you can learn how to incorporate these healthy elements into everyday meals.

Refine your culinary skills
Japanese cooking requires precision and attention to detail. From proper cutting technique to serving, you can improve your general kitchen skills by mastering the Japanese cooking technique.

Explore new ingredients
Japan has a wealth of unique ingredients that many in Europe may not be familiar with. By attending a Traditional Japanese Food Course for Beginners, one can be introduced to these ingredients and learn how to use them properly.

Enjoy the satisfying result
There is nothing more satisfying than eating a meal you’ve made yourself – especially when it’s as tasty and aesthetically pleasing as Japanese food.

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