How to celebrate Okinawa cherry blossoms?

The celebration of Okinawa’s cherry blossoms is a contribute to the beauty of nature and a tradition on the beautiful Japanese islands. Every year, as spring approaches, the cherry blossoms burst into a sea of ​​pink and white flowers, and people gather to celebrate this special event.

One of the most popular ways to celebrate Okinawa’s cherry blossoms is through traditional hanami picnics. Hanami, which means ‘seeing the flowers’, and it takes place in the way that friends, family and colleagues gather under blooming cherry trees. People bring food, drink and blankets and settle under the trees.

Beside that special events and festivals are often organized in connection with the cherry blossom season from concerts and performances to art exhibitions and traditional craft activities.

It is also common for people to go on nature walks to admire the cherry blossoms along paths, in parks and in mountain areas.

No matter how you choose to celebrate, the Okinawa cherry blossoms are a time to appreciate the beauty of nature, gather with those we care about through conviviality and delicious food.

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