How often is shrimp eaten in Japan?

Sushi chef & sake sommelier Zoë Escher

Japan is known worldwide for its rich culinary history, and seafood including shrimp plays a role in the country’s gastronomy.

Japan is surrounded by sea, which has meant that seafood has always been a central part of the Japanese diet. Shrimps have been a delicacy for the Japanese for centuries, not only for their taste but also for their health.

In everyday life, shrimps are commonly used in many dishes. From the well-known tempura, where the shrimps are deep-fried in a light and crispy batter, to sushi and sashimi. They are also found in noodle soups and fried noodles.

In Japan, great emphasis is placed on seasonal ingredients, and this also applies to shrimps. Certain shrimp varieties are more popular in certain seasons. For example, “sakura ebi”, or cherry shrimps, are popular in the spring.

In Japan, shrimps are eaten regularly all year round.

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