How much miso do the Japanese eat?

The Japanese eat a lot of miso. It is part of Japanese cuisine just like pasta is, in Italian cuisine.

Miso contains soybeans, sake, water and a sponge.
This mixture is allowed to ferment for a period of time. The length of the period is very different it depends on what kind of miso to make.

There are several different kinds of miso pasta of different strengths and flavors, a bit like cheese. The mild miso pastas are light and relatively mild in taste.
The slightly stronger and stronger miso paste has been fermenting for a long time. The color of miso paste is darker and, partly the taste is much more intense, has deep and seems more spicy in taste.

Miso contains many vitamins, minerals and has a detoxifying effect on the body, which is why miso is eaten every day in Japan.

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