Gyoza in Japan – A well-preserved and secret delicacy

In Japan, dumplings also called gyoza is not just a delicious snack or a festive dish. It is an everyday delicacy found on the table in countless homes and restaurants.

For many Japanese, gyoza is a regular part of their diet and it is not uncommon to enjoy this delicacy several times a week. Gyoza is served in different forms, from the classic minced pork version to vegetarian and seafood variants.

In Japan, gyoza has also found its way into take-away boxes. In Japan, you can find gyoza at street kitchens, in convenience stores, and even in prepackaged form in supermarkets. This makes it easy for people to enjoy this delicious dish on a busy day.

Gyoza is not only limited to being served in restaurants. Many Japanese also make their own homemade gyoza with family and friends.

Gyoza is a classic dish in Japanese cuisine and is often eaten as part of the daily diet. Its versatility, deliciousness and social nature make it a beloved part of Japanese food culture that continues to excite palates both in Japan and around the world.

In the Traditional Japanese Cooking Class for Beginners, you will learn step by step how to make gyoza as they are served in restaurants.

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