Can you make sushi without nori seaweed?

Sushi roll futomaki with prawns, web: http://chefzoeescher.comYou can make sushi without seaweed.

Except from nigiri sushi, I would not recommend making e.g. sushi rolls without nori seaweed. It’s never really going to taste good.

Nori seaweed is the vegetable in the world that contains the most vitamins and minerals; it plays a very important role in relation to sushi. Seaweed adds an extra taste experience to the other ingredients in the roll. Seaweed also keeps all the filling in place when you eat a piece of sushi. Then it is a good dining experience.

If you don’t use nori seaweed, the sushi pieces will have a completely different taste and consistency. You may also risk the rollers falling apart.

If you do not like seaweed, then my best advice is. Try eating a few single pieces of hosomaki (the small roll) with cucumber. It can take some time before the taste buds get used to sushi.

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