Can other types of rice be used for sushi?

It is a question that I got on one of my courses.
The attendants had experimented with different types of grains for to see if there were other alternatives.

Until now, I have not heard of other cereals suitable for sushi. In the sense that it is not yet succeeded anyone
to find a substitute that contains the qualities which make sushi rice.

The white sushi rice as which everybody knows is the easiest rice to boil over other cereals.
The consistency of the white finish cooked sushi rice is also best.

They must be firm but at the same time they must be soft. They should not be cooked too much so they become mushy. But they must not be too hard and still a bit raw inside. So it is a very delicate balance you have to try to hit.

I have not yet come across other types of suitable rice.

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