Which sushi mat is best for making sushi?

In a month I teach several sushi beginner classes in Copenhagen.
At the courses I meet attendances who bring different types of sushi mat to make aromatic and tasty sushi rolls.

Unfortunately, not all sushi mats are suitable for sushi.

In recent years, I have met attendances who have brought a sushi mat made of silicone. Silicone mat is totally unsuitable for sushi. It does not have the size or flexibility which is requires to make delicious sushi rolls. The material means that you do not have the optimal conditions.

There is also another type of sushi mat that I would not recommend either. The sushi mat is made of wood but the shape of the mat makes it harder to make sushi rolls. The sushi mat also leaves marks in the rolls.

The bamboo mat that Japanese sushi chefs and I use are very hard to get in Denmark. This is because those who sell bamboo mats for to sushi are not skilled sushi chefs.

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