What is the first dish made on the course Japanese cooking course for beginners?

The first dish that is made on the course is Gyoza.

Before we dive into the actual cooking, you will be introduced to Japanese raw materials, ingredients and Japanese cooking techniques. The reason for that is that I teach how to cook Japanese dishes as they are prepared in restaurants in Japan. This means that if the dishes are meant to taste like in Japan, then we need to take a closer look at how the Japanese cuisine works.

We start with the popular gyoza with pork. It is a dish that can be enjoyed as a snack with a glass of white wine or an appetizer.

First, several different raw materials must be sliced, chopped and grated, and together with Japanese ingredients, becomes face meat.
You will then learn step by step the various hand techniques so that you can make the tasty gyoza that are served in Japanese restaurants.
Gyoza must be prepared in their very own way. Step by step you learn to use the techniques used by chefs in Japan.

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