What characterizes a Japanese teriyaki sauce?

A lot of people know about the classic Teriyaki sauce that is produced by Kikkomann which can be found in most supermarkets in Europe.

The sauce sold in supermarkets has nothing to do with the authentic Japanese Teriyaki sauce. It’s a very sad version of the authentic Japanese Teriyaki sauce. I think that’s a lot of pity.

The authentic Japanese Teriyaki sauce is made from scratch and has a tasty and a unique flavor. To make the sauce you have to use Japanese ingredients. The way the ingredients are combined and cooked makes the finished Teriyaki sauce taste amazing. The sauce taste so good that most people eat it with a spoon.

On the course Traditional Japanese cooking class for beginners you will  learn how to make an authentic Japanese Teriyaki sauce from the scratch. You will also learn why the Japanese version is so popular in Japan.

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