Recipe: Pickled Chinese radish

The recipe is for a glass.


4 cup rice vinegar (Uchibori – comet su)
1 cup sugar
1 Jam glass (h: 13 cm x w: 10 cm)

Course of action:

1. Rinse the Chinese radish and peel off the skin.

2. Cut the Chinese radish into 3 millimeter thick slices on a mandolin.

3. Heat the rice vinegar and sugar in a saucepan.

4. Boil the vinegar marinade until the sugar has dissolved.

5. Add the Chinese radish slices in a sterile jam glass.

6. Pour the vinegar marinade over.

7. Let it all cools down.

8. Close the glass and refrigerate for 4 days.

9. Ready to be eaten.


How long does it take to learn to cut fish for sushi?

How long it takes learn depends whether the sushi should be served at your own home or in a restaurant.

If you are going to learn how to cut fish for sushi which can be served in a restaurant then it takes several years. There are not 2 fish species that are the same and here are also no 2 cutting techniques that are the same.

One might think is not it just cutting some slices?

Sushi should be a nice and delicate eat where the fish melts in the mouth. In order to get that texture you need to know how to master different Japanese knife techniques. Of course, it takes some time.

On the Sushi course for beginners you learn to use different Japanese knife techniques to cut fish for sushi rolls.

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