Ramen noodles are Japanese’s equvalent to a classic burger

In Tokyo, fast food is also eaten.
The Japanese are a population that is at least as busy as everyone else. However, their fast food is of a slightly different quality. In Denmark, there are some who consider shawarma and pizza as fast food while others are more into a burger.

In Japan, a classic fast food is quite healthy, nutritious and tasty. You do not compromise on quality or health. This is one of the reasons why the Japanese is the world’s longest living population.

One of the noodles that are especially noted on a busy weekday in Tokyo is ramen noodles made on a fish stock. It is a dish that boosts your body with healthy vitamins, minerals, omega3 and protein. During a meal, you will reach the entire diet pyramid around. You can read more Japanese noodle soup course for beginners.

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