New – Mini E-Cookbook: 5 Japanese Onigiri for one person

5 healthy japanese onigiri for one

Onigiri, the wonderful Japanese rice balls, have long been a favorite in Japanese food culture.
In Japan, children, young people, adults and the elderly enjoy onigiri rice balls on all days of the week and at all times of the day.
These compact and tasty rice balls with filling are not only delicious, but also practical as they can be taken anywhere as a light and satisfying snack.

The 5 different onigri contain salmon, tuna, prawns, eggs and avocado, ingredients that are easy to get hold of.

Our new mini e-cookbook with these 5 Japanese onigiri recipes for one person is made to satisfy both taste buds and mind.
Whether you’re a solo eater or just want to explore the world of onigiri, these recipes are the perfect starting point.

Jump into the kitchen and let the onigiri adventure begin!

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