Is seaweed salad Japanese?

The classic seaweed salad that contains crispy seaweed, sesame seeds and a slightly spicy dressing is not Japanese.

There are several different kinds of tasty seaweed salads. However, the difference between the seaweed salads that are available in Denmark is not that great. The most in-demand seaweed salad in Denmark is made in China.

You can make your own seaweed sala. However, it will be with a different kind of seaweed that is not crunchy. The type of seaweed used in the classic seaweed salad is oblong, thin and crispy. It is seaweed that originates from China. I have not yet encountered this type of seaweed in Japan or in Denmark.

If you want to make your own seaweed salad, then you can try out wakame seaweed, it will be a different kind of seaweed salad.

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