Are there vegetarian and vegan noodle soups in Japan?

In Japan, there are also eateries that serve tasty vegetarian and vegan noodle soups with vegetables and vegetable proteins. However, these are dishes that are not as widespread as classic Japanese noodle soups that are either made with fish, pork or chicken.

Vegetarian and vegan noodle soups are an underrated dish in Japan as well. Often, a stock made from unique Japanese vegan ingredients will have a stronger flavor with more nuances of flavor. There are several reasons for this.

As most people know, a banana has several flavors depending on whether it is eaten when it is unripe, ripe or overripe. The same applies to other Japanese raw materials. This means that the same soup can taste very different depending on when in the season the ingredients are used to make the soup.

This also means that you can help decide how intense and deep the noodle soup flavor should be without the need for spices or additives.

Several people have asked how to make healthy and tasty vegetarian and vegan noodle soups. I have made this little mini ebook: 5 vegetarian Japanese noodle soups for one, where you learn step by step how to make tasty soups.

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