When did you last time you had vegetable proteins?

Vegetable proteins are a food source that is not so widely used in Denmark.

Most people in Denmark know about beans that contain large amounts of proteins. A healthy and nutritious eating that is equated with meat.

The Japanese cuisine consists of beans. Most people have encountered soy sauce when eating sushi. In Japan, soy sauce is used as a spice to spice the food and highlight the qualities of the ingredients.

Soybeans are also used in the manufacture of tofu. Tofu is a very popular eating in the Japanese kitchen, which is available both as firm and soft. Tofu is used in casseroles, as an accessory and as a substitute for meat. In Japan, tofu is considered a versatile food on a par with meat.

In Denmark, tofu is not as common however, the interest in eating vegetarian is increasing. More and more people have become aware of Japanese vegetarian dishes that have come to stay.

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