How many different kinds of gyoza are there in Japan?

When you visit restaurants in Japan, there is one kind of gyoza on the menu.
Yep, it’s good enough. In the classic Japanese cuisine of Japan, there is only one traditional Japanese gyoza.

You can easily find other restaurants in Tokyo that have several different dumplings on the menu. It will often be Chinese restaurants.
That does not mean it is bad. There are exceptional dumplings restaurants in Tokyo, some of the best restaurants are Chinese.

In Japan, gyoza is often eaten as a snack or an appetizer with a glass of beer.

In Tokyo you will find gyoza restaurants that specialize in making gyoza of different qualities. They only have gyoza on the menu. These are restaurants that many Japanese visits on their way home from work.

In the Traditional Japanese food course for beginners, you will learn step by step how to make the classic delicious Japanese gyoza.

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