How many vegetables do the Japanese eat during a day?

The Japanese are a population who eats a lot of different vegetables in one day.

Seaweed is the vegetable in the world that contains the most vitamins and minerals. It is a vegetable that is part of most Japanese meals. In addition, the Japanese also eat a couple of dishes where meat and fish are not part of the court. Instead, the dishes are composed of many different vegetables as well as vegetable proteins.

I travel to Tokyo almost every year and have been doing it since 2004 and it is a nice opportunity to see my Japanese friends as well. During my stay, we are often out to experience Tokyo and of course visit different restaurants.

When looking at what they order to eat during a day, 2/3 of the food consists of vegetables prepared in several different ways. In Japan, the range of vegetable proteins is large and varied. This is due to the fact that the Japanese are the population in the world who receive a large proportion of their protein needs from sources other than animal products.

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