What types of vegetables do sushi chefs use in Tokyo when making sushi rolls?

Japanese sushi chefs in Tokyo use different kinds of vegetables when making sushi rolls.

In Japan, local vegetables are often used when making sushi rolls.
There are some vegetables that are more popular than others. They are part of Japanese culture and have a very special meaning for the people.

Shiitake mushrooms and pickled Japanese plums are often used in sushi rolls.

Shiitake mushrooms are marinated before being used for sushi. In sushi restaurants in Tokyo, they are used in large sushi rolls also called futomaki.

Pickled plums with a slightly salty taste are a delicacy in Japan. It adds unique flavors and aromas to food. Pickled plums are also used in sushi rolls. In sushi restaurants in Tokyo, they are used in the smallest sushi roll also called hosomaki.

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