NEWS – Ebook: 5 Japanese okonomiyaki for one

5 Japanese okonomiyaki for one
Okonomiyaki is an authentic Japanese pancake that combines flavorful ingredients and a fantastic texture. The name means “fried the way you want it”, and that’s exactly what this dish is all about – adapting it to your personal preferences and taste buds.

Okonomiyaki is made with a base of shredded cabbage and other ingredients. Then you can add a multitude of ingredients such as seafood, meat, vegetables.
Once the pancake has been fried on both sides, it can be topped with a layer of Japanese sauce, mayonnaise and other tasty ingredients.

Okonomiyaki a dish not to be missed. It is an exciting and tasty dish form Japanese cuisine that combines tradition with creativity.

Explore the Mini eBook: 5 Japanese Okonomiyaki for One, which features 5 different variations of this popular dish.

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