What do the Japanese eat on New Year’s Eve?

In Denmark, we have a tradition of eating fish, especially cod.

In recent years, sushi has become a more popular eat. There are many families who choose to eat sushi and drink champagne for this special evening.

In Japan, a very special dinner is eaten Osechi Rykori, which dates from the Nara period (710-794). A classic Osechi Rykori consists of 13 less cold dishes which are served at once. The dishes will be served in a unique bento box, which is only used at special events a Jubako box.

The dishes are very different. They will typically consist of seafood cooked in different ways, eggs, soybeans, fermented vegetables and vegetables cooked in different ways and a dessert.

There are also more and more Japanese families who have added sushi bento box consisting of a few sushi rolls and nigiri.

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