Make a healthy meal with 3 ingredients that embrace the whole food pyramid!

5 healthy japanese onigiri for one
Most people are aware ofo Japanese cuisine. Sushi has taken off and has become one of the most popular dishes outside of Japan. In Japan, sushi makes up less than 15% of Japanese cuisine. The Japanese are very fond of sushi the Japanese cuisine is so large and wide that there are several different dishes that embrace different lifestyles.

On a busy day with work, family, friends and interests, the Japanese like to eat dishes that do not take several hours to prepare, but which still embrace the whole food pyramid. One of the dishes that are suitable for both lunch and dinner is Onigiri.
Ongiri is a dish that with only 3 ingredients, embraces the entire food pyramid. It is a nutritious and healthy meal that is perfect for busy everyday life.
Onigiri is a Japanese rice ball with seaweed and a tasty filling. And the filling, yes, it can be anything from fish, shellfish to a vegetarian dish.

Several people have asked me how to make the tasty Japanese rice balls. I have written a small mini e-book 5 healthy Japanese onigiri for 1, where I guide you step by step on how to make onigiri from scratch.

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