What kind of sushi is most popular in Denmark?

Sushi roll futomaki with prawns, web: http://chefzoeescher.com

In Europe, there is a kind of sushi, which is most popular among all the styles.

It is sushi rolls. If you visit a sushi restaurant in Europe, there are typically 15-20 different rolls with different ingredients and topping. In a European sushi restaurant, there are usually several small sushi rolls on the menu. Sushi rolls insite-out which means that the rice is outside the roll with the topping available in many different versions and flavors.

The large roll futomaki is also popular. It is a roll that can be difficult to take a bite due to its size. It is also a roll where there is room for a lot of filling.

In Japan, nigiri sushi is the most popular of them all. In the exclusive sushi restaurants, there are typically 15-20 different fish on the menu. The Japanese people eat a lot of fish every single day that is way they prefer to eat nigiri pieces.

At the exclusive restaurants, a meal ends with a small sushi roll.

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