Is teriyaki sauce Japanese?

Teriyaki sauce is a Japanese sauce.
It is a Japanese soy sauce has a sweet and salty taste.

Teriyaki sauce is very popular in Europe, its sweetness makes suitable to many different dishes.

In Japan, chefs have a slightly different approach to teriyaki sauce. It is at least as popular as in Europe. In Japan, it is used only for a selection of Japanese dishes. Japanese chefs are very conscious about the fact that the sauce does not suit all types of ingredients and raw materials..

There are many different varieties of teriyaki sauce available. Of course, Japanese chefs make the teriyaki sauce from scratch, so it has unique aromas and flavors that characterize Japanese teriyaki.
It tastes 10 times better than the versions that can be bought in bottles. The homemade teriyaki sauce tastes so good that it can be eaten with a spoon.

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