Which Japanese dish is best for an appetizer?

A classic Japanese dinner often consists of several courses, somewhere between 10-12 courses in size.

Some Japanese dishes are better suited as a starter than others. One of the most popular small dishes that are suitable for both a starter and a main course are Japanese gyoza. It is a dish that can be enjoyed all year round, with friends, family or on festive occasions.

Japanese gyoza originally originated in China. In China, goyza is called dumplings and the selection of dumplings in China is very, very large. Several hundred years ago, dumplings came to Japanese cuisine, where they were adapted with local ingredients and flavors to what we know today as gyoza.

On the Traditional Japanese cooking course for beginners, you learn how to make the classic version of gyoza from scratch. In addition to learning to use different cooking techniques and hand techniques, you also gain an insight into which ingredients you should use to get the most flavor and value for your money.

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