Unique Japanese bags made from sustainable materials

_ _ _ As most people are aware of the climate is challenged. The nature has a difficult time in many places in the world. This places new demands on us as consumer, as the environment cannot be treated for a long time in the way we have done so far. I would like to support and give the environment a much needed respite. That is why I have started selling unique and beautiful shopping bags in sustainable mat ...

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Here is how you can think a little more sustainability into everyday life

Sustainability is on everyone's lips. We can no longer get around that the environment has a difficult time and you can see how it affects around the earth. Some choose to change their entire lives. For a lot of people it is not possible and due to a busy life with work, family and activities In my world, a little is right too. I prefer that each of us to make a small difference rather than doing nothing at ...

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Where are the most exclusive branded stores in Tokyo?

The most exclusive branded stores in Tokyo are located in the shopping area ​​Ginza. In Ginza you will find all the famous exclusive brands such as Prada, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Chanel, Gucci and many more. The stores in Ginza stand out from other shopping areas in Tokyo. The competition for the Japanese customers is very fierce. The French and Italian fashion houses have chosen to design the storefront i ...

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