Learn how to make delicious and tasty onigiri with different kinds of fillings.

In Japan, onigiri is most often eaten for lunch. It is a tasty and healthy rice bun with filling, which is also suitable for dinner on a busy weekday.

In this online course I show you step by step how to make 6 onigiri with 3 different kinds of fillings. Fillings made with ingredients that you can buy at your local supermarket and at your local fishmonger.

What do you learn in the course?

You get an introduction to Japanese food culture and why onigiri is so popular dish.
You learn how to cook rice for onigiri according to traditional Japanese cooking techniques.
You learn what Japanese sushi chefs are aware of when buying fish for classic Japanese dishes.
You learn to use Japanese ingredients and ingredients for onigiri.
You work with different Japanese cooking techniques to make 3 different kinds of fillings.
You learn to use different Japanese hand techniques in the creation of onigiri.
You learn step by step to make 6 onigiri with 3 different kinds of fillings.

What do you get?

2 hours of teaching
You learn how to make tasty 6 onigiri with 3 different fillings.
You will of course be given the recipes.

About the class

Everyone is welcome to participate.
Since it is group class, one cannot get 1: 1 tuition.
In order to get the most from the class, it is expected that you yourself are an active participant.
The class is not bigger than there is time for Zoë to also have time to answer questions.

About the instructor

The course is held by the Japanese trained Sushi Chef & Sake Sommelier Zoë Escher

About the live class

The course takes place online and in real time.
Once you have registered for the course, you will receive a confirmation of your participation.
7 days before the course, you will receive a list of the ingredients and ingredients that you need to buy and the kitchen utensils that you need to use on the day. These will be kitchen utensils that are already available in your the home.
2 days before the course is held, you will receive a link that you will need to log in to the food course on the day itself.
7 days before the course is held, your registration is binding. In the event of a cancellation, the course cannot be rebooked regardless of the reason and time of the cancellation.

The course takes place directly at home in your own kitchen via your Ipad. The teaching takes place at a pace so that everyone can follow, and there will also be an opportunity to ask questions along the way directly to Zoë.


37 EUR or
32 GBP or
275 DKK


New dates will follow

For questions, do send an email to