Lecture & cooking class: Japanese superfood – therapy for body and soul

The course can also be held abroad. Please send an email to info@sakana.dkOver the past few years some attendants in my cooking courses have asked about the Japanese cuisine also called super food.
More and more people in Europe and the United States suffer from stress, obesity and poor health. I think it is time for me to share the many years of experience and knowledge I have in that area.

Japanese superfood – therapy for body and soul is a lecture for those who yearn to get more control of their health and their eating habits.

At the lecture I talk about the positive qualities that are at the Japanese cuisine has to offer and how it affects your digestion, your body and your health as a whole.
On the cooking course you are introduced to tasty and low-fat Japanese dishes, matching a busy life.
Japanese superfoodFor whom is the lecture designe?

Japanese superfood – therapy for body and soul is a lecture for those who dream of strengthening your health.

For those who:

– Yearn to get more energy in everyday life.
– Have problems with digestion and health.
– Aspire to, to get to know how the Japanese eating habits affect your health.

The lecture is also for those who:

– Dream of having a healthier and slimmer lifestyle without compromising on quality and good taste.
– Longs to know the secrets of the Japanese advanced age.
– Lack an overview of what the Japanese cuisine has to offer compared to nutritious and healthy dishes.
– Who wants to gain insight into how the Japanese diets on works their health.
– Who miss making healthy Japanese dishes that also matches a busy schedule.

About the lecture

Zoë Escher is best known as Japanese trained sushi chef and Denmark sushi expert no. 1st
Since 2001 she has been in close contact with Japanese people in Denmark, Japan and the United States. Through her training in kendo and training to become a sushi chef & Sake Sommelier she has gain a deep understanding of the Japanese cuisine and Japanese healthy eating habits.

In this authentic and personal lecture, the attendant gets a unique insight into the Japanese cuisine, styles, eating habits, ways to eat, digestion, diet pyramid, wellness, detoxification of the body and the Japanese longevity.
Via Zoe’s personal experiences in Japan, the attendant are aware of how they can get more health, wellness and profits incorporated in a busy and changing schedule.

Would you like to:

– Have a thorough knowledge of the Japanese cuisine.
– Gain an insight into the Japanese nourishing healthy eating.
– Know the reason for Japan’s longevity.
– Have s knowledge of the different styles of Japanese cuisine.
– Find out how the composition of dishes affects your health.
– Gain knowledge of how the Japanese eating habits affect your digestion.
– Gain an insight into how to achieve greater well-being and improving health.
– Get a glimpse of the raw material which has a detoxifying effect on the body.
– Learn about Japanese lifestyle and the serenity around a meal.

About the cooking course: Traditional Japanese everyday dishes

As part of the workshop the attendant will also attend the cooking course ‘Traditional Japanese everyday dishes’.
Based on the lecture you learn on the cooking course step-by-step to prepare and cook 3 different tasty, low-fat and classic Japanese dishes which matches a busy life.
Dishes are based on materials and Japanese ingredients that boost your health and wellbeing.
By attending the course you will find it easier to get started with the new habits to give you more energy, a slimmer waist and stronger health.
You are more the welcome to take the dishes that you cook on course home and enjoy with your loved ones. Please read more about the cooking course

Enjoy to 1½ days of fascinating and exciting lectures and cooking course, where you as an attendant will go home with new knowledge, many aha-moments, tools and tasty dishes.


At the lecture a sandwich is served for lunch.

By signing up for the lecture and cooking course please send an email to info@sakana.dk and write which day you would like to attend cooking course. You will find several dates for the cooking course below.
It is also possible to register only for the lecture if you do not have the opportunity to attend the food course.

There are limited seats. First come first served!

Where and when?

The lecture will be held on the following dates;

New dates will follow.

The lecture and course can also be held abroad. Are you interested in a lecture or have any questions, please feel free to send an email to info@sakana.dk