Lecture: Get close to the Japanese cuisine

Get close to the Japanese cuisine is a lecture for those who want to learn  more about the authentic Japanese.
In the lecture, I talk about why Tokyo is the city in the world that has the most Michelin stars. Furthermore, I do also speak about the reasons for Japan’s longevity.

NigiriFor whom is the lecture designed?

Get close to the Japanese cuisine is a lecture for those who want to become better acquainted with the world-famous and healthy.

For you who have never been to Japan
For you who would like to have knowledge of the Japanese vision of gastronomy.
For you who want insight into Japan’s healthy dietary habits.
For you who want insight into Japanese meals.
For you who want to know what raw materials the Japanese prefer to eat.
For you who would like to have the secret of Japanese longevity.

About lecture

Zoë Escher is best known as a Japanese-trained sushi chef and as Denmark’s sushi expert no. 1.
Since 2001, she has been in close contact with Japanese people in Denmark, Japan, and the United States. Through her kendo practice and practice to become a sushi chef & Sake Sommelier, she has gained an insight into the Japanese way of thinking.

During this unique and personal lecture the gents a very special insight into Japan, the Japanese cuisine, diets, Japan’s favorite eating and their vision of gastronomy. Via Zoë’s background as a Japanese trained sushi chef and her experiences in Japan the attendee gets an insight into why the Japanese cuisine differs from the rest of the world.

Michelin stars, fish market Tsuskiji, Japanese chefs, Japanese longevity, materials and why the rest of the world is captivated by the Japanese cuisine.

Enjoy 2 hours of exciting and interesting lecture, where you as attendee will be taken with a gastronomic trip.

Who is the speaker?

The speaker is sushi chef & Sake Sommelier Zoë Escher, who has had a close relationship with Japanese people and Japan since 2001.

In 2006, I traveled to Los Angeles and became a sushi chef and Sake Sommelier at the California Sushi Academy, which is owned by the Japanese celebrity sushi chef Toshi Sugiura. As part of the training, we made catering to celebrities and movie companies in Hollywood.

Where and when?

Thuresday 22 September 2016 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at Klinikudlejning, room 103, Nørregade 41, 1165 Copenhagen K, Denmark.
Registration deadline: Thursday 15 September 2016
Price per participant: 275 DKK.
If you want to book a seat please send an email to info@sakana.dk


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