As Japanese martial arts and Japanese-trained sushi chef, Japanese people has been part of my life since 2000 and since I for the first time in 2004 traveled to Japan.

Therefore, I have thorough knowledge of Japan, the culture, the Japanese etiquette, dos and don’ts and how your company does business best in Japan.

Companies today are being challenged as never before, we live in a world that is in constant change. For the companies that operates in the global market cooperation across borders I both exciting and challenging.
One of the countries that stand markedly from the rest of the world is Japan. Through years of experience and my extensive knowledge of the country, I offer advice in the following;

your company is in a situation where you want to launch a product in the Japanese market, I offer advice on what you should be aware of when you’re doing business with Japan.

I do also offer advice to the companies that currently have a partnership with Japan but want to strengthen the existing relationship and have a greater economic benefit from the cooperation.

If you are interested in getting advice or have any questions, you are welcome to send an email to