What is the first thing a Japanese notice when they eat sushi?

When the Japanese order sushi they use other criteria to evaluate the food.

When it comes to sushi Japanese favorites are nigiri. The selection of fish is very large in Japan and it is very normal that you find 15 to 20 different fish on the menu.

What Japanese first looks for when eating sushi is whether the rice is cooked to perfection. Sushi rice must be soft but also firm in the consistency.  It’s a balance that’s hard to hit.

If the rice is not boiled to perfection it will ruin the dining experience. You can suse the best fish in the world but if the rice is cooked to perefection the fisht will all be wasted.

At Sushi course for beginners you learn step-by-step cooking sushi in a quality so it’s suitable for sushi.

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